Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Eve Sussman and Rufus Corporations' Compound Editions Press

PopTech's Nathan Shafer writes on "Distributing White on White":
Eve Sussman’s new video project is a variation on this model for digital distribution. She is distributing her project as an installed video on the ARCHOS 5 Media Tablet. What makes this model unique is that in many ways it is embracing the ubiquitous nature of video by distributing it on a hand-held device. It is also turning the collector into a co-producer because once they have bought an edition of White on White, not only can they download the future installments as they are released, but they are building the pool from which the videos are funded.

The first installment was released as an edition of 100, the first 50 of which have already sold out. It looks as if Sussman and Compund Edition’s model has some wings. It is not that Sussman is the first artist to distribute her work on portable digital devices; other artists have put out similar editions. It is that she chose the ARCHOS 5 Media Tablet because of what it can do, and that there are more installments of White on White forthcoming that is noteworthy as a distribution model.
Read the entire review here.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Compound Editions Presents...

Compound Editions is very pleased to announce the release of our fifth multiple:
A COUNTRY ROAD. A TREE. EVENING.[wow.episode.01] by Eve Sussman & Rufus Corporation
music by Lumendog [Geoff Gersh, Adam Kendall, Christof Knoche, Bradford Reed]
(image above is a selection of stills from the video)
View a 40-second trailer of the work here.
A first installment of a series of pieces that make up the experimental film noir White on White, A COUNTRY ROAD. A TREE. EVENING. is a 6-minute video that comes installed on the state-of-the-art ARCHOS 5 media tablet.
Set in 2016 in A-City, a future metropolis that bears a striking resemblance to Soviet 1970s, A COUNTRY ROAD. A TREE. EVENING. is a visual tone poem presented as a list of clues to be elucidated in future episodes of White on White (hence the subtitle [wow.episode.01]).

White on White
is a study of extremes, couched in a vernacular of nouvelle vague noir and futuristic fantasies. Through the language of cinema verité , experimental filmmaking, and the thriller genre, this fictional series examines the limits of personal and political utopias and desire.

After extensive research, Sussman selected the ARCHOS 5 player for this Compound Edition for its high-fidelity audio and video and internet capability. This last fact will allow collectors of this Compound Edition to continue along the White on White journey in the near future. As episodes of White on White become available fans of the work can collect them and have them streamed to their Archos player - thereby owning a limited edition film-in-progress and simultaneously becoming a co-producer of the final film noir.
Eve Sussman & Rufus Corporation
Original music by Lumendog

Geoff Gersh - guitar and electronics

Adam Kendall – keyboards & electronics
Christof Knoche - bass clarinet & electronics
Bradford Reed - pencilina
6-minute video installed on ARCHOS 5 media tablet
5" x 0.5" x 3.1"
Edition of 100, plus 10 APs
$450.00 for numbers 1-50;

$600 for numbers 51-100.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Christopher Gaillard : Adviser for Compound Editions

We are very pleased announce that Christopher Gaillard has joined the Compound Editions team!
Christopher Gaillard is an art consultant and appraiser based in New York. Prior to establishing his own business, Mr. Gaillard was Vice President and Head of Contemporary Prints at Sotheby's New York, and was responsible for record-breaking auctions, including the Kenneth Tyler and Tyler Graphics Collection of Contemporary Prints, which is the most successful single-owner auction of post-war prints to date. Mr. Gaillard was also responsible for establishing the world record auction price for post-war prints, when Barnett Newman's 18 Cantos sold at Sotheby's for over $2 million in May 2008. Mr. Gaillard is a board member of the International Print Center of New York, and Momenta Art in Brooklyn. He is also an auctioneer, and regularly presides over charity auctions throughout the United States.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Compound Editions Presents...

Compound Editions is very pleased to announce the release of our fourth multiple, Vessel for Safekeeping (Survivalism), by New York-based artist Susan Graham. Each piece is a hand-sculpted and hand-glazed porcelain lacy box containing miniature scissors and a credit card. The box is glazed a smoky white, and the scissors and credit card have pewter and blue glazes.

DETAIL: Credit Card

All of the pieces have variations due to the fact that they were each made individually by hand and that the firing process is organic.

While the edition was inspired by the idea of erasure, the piece Graham ended up making is an enduring representation of financial identity.


Susan Graham has been included in numerous exhibitions in the United States and Europe including recent shows at the Tucson Museum Of Art, John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan, Michigan; the Hudson River Museum in Yonkers, the Sherman Gallery at Boston University, Hunter College Leubsdorf Gallery, New York; the Musee d'art et d'industrie de Saint-Etienne, and the Musee International des Arts Modestes, Sete, France.

Susan Graham
Vessel for Safekeeping (Survivalism)
Edtion of 50, plus 10 APs
$250.00 each

Friday, April 3, 2009

Compound Editions Presents...

Compound Editions is very pleased to announce the release of our third multiple, SQVENICEWATER08, by New York-based Scottish artist Rory Donaldson. Blending the languages of painting and photography, Donaldson creates stunning C-print images through a digital process that stretches out the original photograph’s four corners. The central image of each piece is identifiable only upon close inspection (see detail of SQVENICEWATER08 below). What greets the viewer from a distance looks to be large blocks of solid color, referencing perhaps color-field painting. As art critic John Haber recently put it:
"[Donaldson's photographs] put color-field painting through its paces. Each divides neatly into four rectangles, in unnervingly close or contrasting colors. For a second, I mistook them for separate acrylic panels, but the effect is more striking once one engages them as photographs. Forget Ad Reinhardt, Clement Greenberg, and pure painting, they seem to boast, with just a bit of arrogance. This is what a new century's technology can do."

---John Haber,, May 27, 2008
Detail of center of image:

Rory Donaldson



14" x 11"
Edition of 100, plus 10 APs.

$100.00 each (unmounted)*

*We can also arrange for your artwork to be archivally mounted and wall-ready. For an additional
$200, you will receive the artist's preferred presentation of the C-print mounted between two layers of Plexiglas.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

SOLD OUT: Compound Editions presents...

Compound Editions is very pleased to announce the release of our second multiple, All Your Eggs, by Vermont-based sculptor Andy Yoder. Known for his sculptures of everyday objects made from unexpected materials that trigger childhood memories, tweak well-known metaphors, and offer a very American critique of social values, Yoder here combines a series of popular financial aphorisms into one fantastic piece of jumbled advice. Resting in a nest of shredded US currency, these gorgeous gold-gilded eggs hidden in a humble wooden case reference a series of folksy epigrams, from "Protect your nest egg" to "Don't kill the goose that lays the golden egg," from "Put something away for a rainy day," to "Don't put all your eggs in one basket." Solid advice in any economic climate, but particularly good to remember in these challenging times.

Andy Yoder
All Your Eggs
4.25" x 7.25" x 7.25"

23 carat gold, clay, wood, excelsior, and shredded U.S. currency
Edtion of 100, plus 10 APs.
$100.00 each SOLD OUT